So many things to accomplish. Our goals are plentiful, the help needed is infinite, the funds are very limited. Please help us by donating a minimal personal contribution of $50 or more to help us fund the programs that we bring to students in High Schools all over the Houston Metro area.

Student Guidance Group "SGG" is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2015 and incorporated in February of 2016. SGG works with low income students who will be considered first-generation college students in the Houston area. We work with students who need financial assistance and college course awareness. We provide mentoring, soft skills workshops, and tutoring to help enable students prepare for college prep exams, to cover application fees, and to help them apply for scholarships, unlike low quality online resources or paid counseling services.

We are looking for High School students who lack the guidance, resources or inspiration to continue on their educational path after High School. We will guide you by the hand to ensure that you learn about the Top 100 Fastest Growing Careers of the next decade, to choose a college wisely, and to help you overcome the usual obstacles that can prevent you from finishing and achieving a prosperous career.

Our Millennials are under attack! Many feel lost transitioning from High School to college, the job market has created several negative opinions about Millennials such as lacking proper communication skills, not having work ethic, among others. Please help us guide, nurture their brightness, and prepare them for prosperous careers after High School. WE NEED YOU!


SGG is currently looking for partnerships with school districts and community colleges interested in adding resources to their students leaving high school and transferring into a community college. SGG will provide guidance for students, mentoring in selecting career paths, and will focus on student retention and completion of high school and college.

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