"When you're inspired, you dream higher"

We serve students in high school, mainly enrolled at charter title 1 schools who are considered first generation college students. The goal of SGG is to create partnerships with local High Schools, colleges, local organizations, and employers to help us guide and mentor high school students to prosperous careers after High School, to create awareness of the various career options, and to prepare these students to learn more about careers that align with their interest, to learn about the Top 100 Fastest Growing careers, and to help them develop the fundamental skills needed for the workforce.

Students in high school are often faced with several challenges and while there are many resources available, few students truly know their career path after high school. At SGG, our goal is to provide some clarity on how to sort through all of the information, choices, resources, and personal goals to start from a solid place after high school and more importantly, to learn to dream higher.

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First-Generation College Students

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